01. My parents have always [encouraged] me to do my best.
02. My wife gave me a lot of [encouragement] when I was writing my first book.
03. Women fleeing an abusive relationship are [encouraged] to contact the Ministry of Human Resources for help.
04. Two teenage boys were arrested and charged by police after [encouraging] an old man who wanted to commit suicide to jump off a bridge.
05. The coach always takes time to compliment all the members of the team before a game in order to [encourage] them.
06. The preliminary results of our experiment look very [encouraging], so we're quite confident now.
07. She was [encouraged] by her parents to try ballet as a very young girl.
08. Loud music is often played in fast food restaurants to [encourage] customers to eat quickly and leave.
09. Someone once said that friends force us to examine ourselves, and [encourage] us to grow.
10. Her parents tried to [discourage] her from marrying him, but she just ignored them.
11. The results of the tests are [encouraging] signs that his cancer may be beaten.
12. In Sweden, evening classes for both young people and adults are very popular, and are [encouraged] by government grants.
13. Because Mongolia has a small population, and will need more workers in the future, couples are [encouraged] to have large families.
14. According to a popular tourist guide, tipping is neither expected nor particularly [encouraged] in Samoa.
15. I like our coach. Even when we lose he says something to [encourage] us and help us to improve.
16. Certain religions do not [encourage] public contact between members of the opposite sex.
17. I often have to [encourage] my son to do his homework.
18. Her praise really [encouraged] me.
19. My homestay mom always [encourages] me to speak English.
20. Goethe once noted that instruction does much, but [encouragement] does everything.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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